Our Promise

Thank you for your interest in the Bai’s Home Décor products. We are a family owned and operated business located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We understand that furniture is a very important item in your home. You have spent a lot of time to find the furniture that will enhance your home. We assure you our best care in delivering the items you purchase.

Shipping Fees – How it works?

Shipping Fee is paid by the buyer. We will need the delivery address to provide you an estimate for the shipping fees. Please call us at 704.649.7451 for a quote on the shipping charges.

What kind of Shipping Method we use?

FedEx Ground Shipments

Primarily we use two different services for shipping our Furniture and Home Décor products. Items that are relatively small will be shipped using FedEx Ground services. Most of the Home Décor products and some of the furniture products like Coffee Tables and Nightstands fall into this category.

UShip Shipping Service

Larger & Heavy Items like Dressers and Bookcases are bulky and heavy. We use Uship shipping service to ship those items. Once we know your shipping address, we create a delivery project in the UShip system. This brings quotes from different private shipping service companies and individuals who haul furniture for living. We can pick the best shipping company based on their customer reviews. UShip also allows purchase of insurance for the items. For items shipped using UShip, the carriers pick the items from our warehouse and they wrap them in blankets, so they are not exposed to other items and cause scratches or chips. Blanket wrap is the most commonly used method in shipping furniture.

We will make sure to find the best quote keeping in mind the reputation of the carrier we are picking. You will be included in the process.

In-Store Pickup

If you want to pick up the furniture from our warehouse, you are welcome to schedule a time to pickup. We will load the furniture on to your vehicle. Please call us ahead of time so we can give you an idea of the sizes and if it will fit inside your vehicle.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products. We look forward to helping you upgrade your home with rustic home décor and reclaimed wood furniture.