About Us

Rustic Wood Furniture Store in Charlotte, NC

If you’re looking for rustic furniture stores in North Carolina, our warehouse and showroom are in the heart of the Charlotte University area. Come see our collection of Indian wood furniture: Wood bookshelves, cabinets, sideboards, nightstands, beds, trunks, dining tables and more. There are hundreds of real solid wood items that you will love to have in your home. Add some cultural flair to your home decorations with wooden decoration pieces such as stools and archways. You can also try our sofas and daybeds in our showroom. Don’t wait, come see us today.

Our Mission

Authentic Rustic Furniture From The Source

At Bai’s, we value quality and authenticity over anything else. Our furniture is made from 100% real repurposed solid wood. Each piece is a complete unit ready to be used in your home. We bring our furniture ready made from the source. Come see our furniture in person or browse our collection online.

Our Promise To Our Planet

What Wood We Do

We guarantee that our furniture is of the highest quality materials. We promise that each piece is made with real wood that has been repurposed to ensure that our planet does not lose more precious trees. We try our best to provide earth conscious customers an alternative to cheap mass produced furniture that leads to deforestation and degradation of biomes and environments for our scaled, furry and feathered neighbors. Join the movement of using repurposed and rustic wood furniture in the hopes of creating a brighter future for everyone.


400 E Arrowhead Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28213




Mon-Fri: 9am - 4pm

Sat & Sun 12 Noon to 3 PM.