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        Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

        A Rustic Wood Bookcase is a great piece of furniture to consider if you have log house theme for your home. Bai’s Home Décor takes pride in presenting vintage style reclaimed wood bookcases that are made with solid wood.

        We carry both regular tall bookcases and also the horizontal bookcases. We provide you the bookcase that will fit your space available in your living room. Rustic bookcases often created with wood reclaimed from old furniture or from buildings. The natural effects of aging is retained in them. This makes the furniture look like it has been inherited from the previous generation.

        Boat Bookcases also called as Ship Bookcases can add an interesting theme to your living room if you are in a coastal area or if your décor has Ocean related theme.

        Bai’s Home Décor takes pride in bringing you the bookscase your are looking for. Our prices are on the cheap. Our bookcases are made of solid wood and made by skilled hands.